Shipping things from country to country can be stressful, especially when a customer doesn’t know how to properly select packing materials. Local shippers have years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, and they can deliver shipments safely and on time. In this brief guide, customers can get some important but simple tips that make packing and international shipping sacramento easier.

Choose the Right Containers

The containers a customer chooses depends on the size of the items to be shipped. International shipping experts recommend containers that offer a snug fit to prevent damage in transit. For oddly shaped and large items, the customer may have to build a box or consult a shipping company for help choosing the right container.

Fill Empty Spaces Between Items

To fill empty spaces in shipping containers, packing materials such as styrofoam peanuts, paper and bubble wrap can offer valuable protection. Bigger shipments may need stronger protective materials, and international shippers can recommend the right packing for any shipment.

Don’t Touch Outer Walls

To allow for inadvertent rough handling during international shipping Stockton, it’s good to leave a minimum of two inches between the box’s outer wall and the items being shipped. Fill the gap with protective packing materials to prevent accidental contact during a long trip from one country to another.


Wrap Each Item Individually

Customers can save money on containers if they pack items together. However, it’s important to wrap pieces individually or put dividers inside the boxes to prevent things from hitting one another during shipment.


Consider Shipping Limitations and Exceptions

Certain things, such as heavy art, books and legal documents, require additional attention. If documents can’t be bent, pack them in padded mailers with rigid sides, and stabilize heavy items to prevent damage during transit or injury during unloading.

Shipping items internationally can be a complicated process, but hiring a shipping company can make things simpler. With a shipping expert’s help, customers can find the right way to get their items between countries. Call the company today to schedule a large or small pickup, or visit the website to learn more about their list of international shipping services.